Career in beauty & makeup is like living your dream every day!

Career in beauty & makeup is like living your dream every day!
Working in the beauty & makeup industry is like a dream fulfilled every day. You get to work with different people, exploring your creative side in makeover, working tirelessly and still feel excited. Seriously, helping people look more beautiful requires a craftsmanship and its an art where you have no complain as you do what you love.
When you choose to be a professional in beauty & makeup industry, you choose to be part of ever-growing and ever-fascinating industry. And if you are a continuous learner, innovative and ambitious then there is no limit to explore your potential in this industry.  Beauty & Makeup is the most promising industry which has increasing demand for trained, certified and qualified professionals.
“The industry has various streams of expertise where trained professionals are required and it includes Hair Styling, Makeup Artistry, Nail Artistry or a Beautician. In pursuing a career in beauty & makeup, you need to ascertain your interest area in terms of what fascinates you most whether you would like to excel in Hair Styling or Makeup or Skin or Nail. Once you have chosen your stream of choice to develop your expertise then choosing a reputed academy or institute is equally important” suggests Hariom Tyagi, Director, is India’s largest platform for beauty salons, spa and makeup artists. There are numerous academies offering courses in beauty & makeup but an institute which provides global standard of education and suits to your budget is rare to find. And we have news here for you, for all of you who are looking for courses in beauty & makeup with a reputed institute and within your budget. IL&FS Institute of Skills-Beauty & Makeup Academy situated in New Delhi is an institute which fulfills your dream of becoming a successful artist or stylist in beauty & makeup.   IL&FS Institute of Skills-Beauty & Makeup Academy provides comprehensive training, hands on experience with international trainer and offer certification which is at par with global standards.
IL&FS Institute of Skills-Beauty & Makeup Academy offers professional program for beautician, hairstylist, and bridal makeup artist. At IL&FS Institute of Skills-Beauty & Makeup Academy, you can also explore other adjuvant courses like self grooming, saree drapping, juda styles and mehandi application. It provides you an opportunity to acquire skills in all the related streams of beauty & makeup under one roof with an international infrastructure. At IL&FS Institute of Skills-Beauty & Makeup Academy, you not only learn from class trainings by trainers of international repute but also get to work on practical with clients. The institute with world-class infrastructure and course curriculum of global standard equally emphasizes on hands on experience with product knowledge and product applications.
With the right stream of your choice and training at IL&FS Institute of Skills-Beauty & Makeup Academy you could begin a career in beauty & makeup industry or fashion industry as a hair stylist or makeup artist. As a trained professional in hair, beauty or makeup gives you freedom to start a personal business; like opening your own salon & spa, or freelancing and you may like to opt for a job in the reputed salon chains. The opportunities are limitless. In fact, an appropriate training at right institute like IL&FS Institute of Skills-Beauty & Makeup Academy brings financial independence as you can go beyond the regular beauty & makeup setups and make career in cinema, fashion & stage shows and others.  
The right institute as IL&FS Institute of Skills-Beauty & Makeup Academy helps you acquire skills, dexterity and training that give you potential to change people’s lives by helping them look good and beautiful.    So set yourself in the ever-demanding industry with right training and inspire others.

Bangalore based Hybrid Fashion Rental Marketplace

Bangalore based Hybrid Fashion Rental Marketplace

Duffl raises Angel funding.

1) Who we are
Duffl is a Bangalore based Hybrid Fashion Rental Marketplace for Men & Women "Designer wear at your doorstep. Buy only what you love, rent everything else". Why spend a fortune when you can rent and look fabulous without cluttering your wardrobe?

Duffl is available both online as well as on the Google Play Store.

2) How an individual or boutique can rent on Duffl
Concierge services - “Duffl it up” - If a boutique or an individual wishes to list their premium or high end items, they may rent it out on Duffl through our concierge services. We Pick up, do a Quality Check, Curate, Shoot, List, Pack and Rent it. All they have to do is sit back and make cash when the item rents out or sells.

3) Duffl story and concept
Mentioned in our About us page
4) Market statistics
Consulting firm Price water house Coopers estimates the global sharing economy will grow from USD 15 billion today to USD 335 billion by 2025. But it is still at a nascent stage in India.

Currently the pre-owned fashion market is estimated to be worth about USD 5 billion out of which 1.05 billion is the preowned branded fashion market.

Any additional statistics to make our business more lucrative is more than welcome
5) Anonymity
Duffl offers complete anonymity to lenders and customers, if opted for.

6) Inventory
Duffl has tie ups with celebrities, HNIs and premium boutiques to rent out branded products on a consignment basis

7) Duffl rental services - How it works
- Express delivery within Bangalore (based on availability)
- Free replacement (based on availability)
- Minor customization
- Dry cleaning services
- Easy Delivery and Returns – If a user chooses a particular date and books an item, the item will be delivered 2 days in advance. If a user is not happy with the item, Duffl ensures easy returns.
- Flaunt it on the day of the event
- Once you’re done, Duffl will organize a pick up the next day and have it dry cleaned

8) Revenue Model
We charge a 25% commission per transaction from the item owner
9) Products we offer
Duffl hosts select fast fashion and mainly designer and high end brands. Basically what people aspire to wear such as Zara, Mango, Guess and soon to launch, Premium Designer Wear from Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Ritu Kumar, Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani. Duffl adds stock every month which means our customers get a larger variety of products to choose from every month.

10) Statistics
Duffl has been in business since May 2015, with approximately 2000 registered users, 300 products and an average of 30 orders a month with Zero Marketing and PR. Over the last year, Duffl has not only rented but also sold over 200 outfits on their site.

11) Why Duffl was in incognito all this while
We were not in incognito per se. Yes, we refrained from spending on PR and Marketing and stuck to social media and WoM. We wanted to analyse how the market responded, the key metrics like most rented category, demand for menswear, what appealed to which age group, how to reach them and a plethora of other metrics. We have sufficient market intelligence to push forward.

12) Hygiene & Quality Check Process
Duffl takes hygiene very seriously. Every outfit is subject to industrial grade dry cleaning before and after use followed by steam ironing

Our quality check process for products is stringent. Only once the product passes our process successfully will it be listed on our site. Duffl puts product quality and user experience above everything else.

13) Future – Soon to launch

- Luxury rentals

- Intuitive fitting

- Celebrity Closets

- Personal stylist

14) Angel Funding

BetOnIndia Technology Pvt Ltd ( – undisclosed amount. The funding will be utilized in strengthening core technology, expanding inventory and customer acquisition.

Duffl aims to quadruple their inventory for the Men’s and Women’s categories to offer a larger variety of products to choose from and increase sales by 10 fold within the next 6 months. Duffl is concentrating on building a formidable brand that resonates with quality rentals for high end and premium labels in India.

15) Where you can find them

Mobile App – Google Play Store - Duffl – Fashion Rentals

16) Comments from Nisha Khatwani – Co-Founder & Chief Fashion Officer

Duffl originated from a personal pain point that led me to think how it would be amazing if we could all borrow outfits for that one event, and wear a different designer outfit for every event on the calendar, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Thanks to the popularity of social media, repeating your outfits is not a choice anymore. Hence impulse purchases result in expensive clothes that don't have more than one or two wears sitting idle in our closets. Quite evidently, a waste of space and money.

Duffl enables boutiques and individuals to rent their coveted designer apparel thereby giving people access to premium designer wear at pocket friendly rates. The idea of Duffl has now grown into a service that serves over 30 fashionistas every month purely through referrals. There are so many more that deserve the haute couture experience. This round of funding will be used to provide more men and women with the ability to rent designer wear at a fraction of the retail price, to their doorstep.

17) Comments from Mithun Chandra – Co-Founder & CEO
In this business, achieving positive unit economics is the challenge. Once you have decent inventory, peripheral processes like packaging, payments, logistics, dry cleaning, product digitization and customer service in place, it’s not hard to boost sales by pumping in money. But it will prove to be a challenge at scale when burn is uncontrollable and you lose four to six times the money on every order.

We opted for a more humble route. We are striving to build a formidable business and brand by keeping a close eye on unit economics without deviating from the larger vision. Let’s face it, it’s a relatively new concept and market. People still have to warm up to the idea of renting and it will take time. One thing I have learned from experience, “nothing can be forced down customers’ throats beyond a certain point”. They are smart, and undermining that is foolishness. We expected not more than 5 or 10 orders in the first 3 months. With no marketing or PR we stand at 30 orders a month. This is more than enough validation for us.

We have not entertained investments that encourage us to ramp up transactions at the cost of a high burn rate. We prefer failing the traditional way. You sell something, people don’t buy and you eventually shut shop. As of now, we are selling, people are buying purely through word of mouth. Our CAC is near zero. Duffl loves its customers and pamper them as much as possible. We believe in building a loyal, repeat customer base than a service juggling customer base.

Over the past 1 year, we have grown steadily and sensibly. We are confident if we block out the noise and stick to plan, we’ll have a business that;

- solves a pressing problem for our customers

- forges win-win business relationships with industry partners

- and most importantly assure our investors of a possible healthy exit

18) Founding Team

Nisha Khatwani – Co-Founder & Chief Fashion Officer
Fashion and Textile Design graduate from Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology. Nisha brings in 8 years of experience in fashion and graphic designing. Worked in firms like Gokaldas Images, Manoviraj Khosla.

Strengths: Trend Forecasting, Hustler by nature, Brand expert, Graphic designing, Procurement genius & Market Intelligence

Mithun Chandra - Co-Founder & CEO

Electronics & Telecommunications engineering graduate from RNSIT. 10 years of industry experience. Worked in firms like MobME (now Chillr), Red Web Design, IndiaNIC and a couple other start-ups

Strengths: Operations, Sales, Client Relations, Strategic Planning, Hustler by nature, Fashion Enthusiast.
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Duffl Fashion Solutions Pvt Ltd
#403, 4th Floor, Duo Harmony Towers, #1 Suranjandas Road,
New Thippasandra, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560 075
W: | E: | T: +91-88-6192-5332

Delta 3D Printers

The launch of affordable Delta 3D Printers strikes the Indian 3D Printing Industry

J Group Robotics the Indian leading global provider of 3D printer announces the launch of Delta Minion with solutions for the rapid manufacturing of customized products utilizing its consumables across a variety of markets.  The 3D Printing technology delivers high precision, surface quality and functionality as well as the ability to use a wide range of materials at tailored production speeds. J Group Robotics works with a strong customer and partner base in diverse sectors such as aerospace, consumer packaging, hearing aid, dental, consumer electronics, auto manufacturing, architectural and design companies.

The company has also launched the product on Amazon, Snapdeal and other leading portals of India. 

Delta Minion offers the convenience of Desktop 3D Printing at a remarkable price of an automatic 3D Printer. With so much technology at your command, it is truly an advanced compact Machine. The new generation Delta Minion is a small package but a power house in the hiding. Delta Minion suits the creative production of Engineering class as well as just your hobbies.


Website –
Email –
Product Buy Link -!delta-minion/sj901
Image Source:!delta-minion/sj901